About Us


Many of us know the importance of having a Will, it’s an essential legal document that ensures the smooth distribution of assets after our death. But how many of us know we can protect our assets for ourselves and our children by setting up a Trust, in conjunction with our Will?

Marshall Wills & Trusts was established in 2017 as an extension of Marshall Financial Services in order to offer specific and detailed advice for those seeking long-term estate planning and protection for their legacy.

Unlike many other providers we take the time to discover and understand your long-term financial needs. We then put into place a personalized strategy that will ensure your wealth and assets are protected from excessive tax, yet accessible for you should you need access.

By creating the most appropriate form of Trust we also ensure your legacy is protected for the future in the most efficient way, ensuring your children receive the maximum value from their inheritance.

With years of experience in Wills & Trusts, we know the real benefits to you and the long-term benefits to your family of planning correctly and efficiently for the future.

To learn more contact Marshall Wills & Trusts now and begin the process of protecting your family’s legacy.

        Anthony Marshall
Founder & Managing director